Everything we experience is communicated through our nervous system.  So the better the communication, the healthier our nervous system is.


It is difficult for the body to heal while in a constant state of tension.

~Lisa Adams~

FLOWTRITION is a 15-30 minute session directed at connecting to very specific pints along the spinal column which are like direct acess points to the Central Nervous System.  With the right touch at the right time and the right place, the object is to guide your body to a state of ease by dropping spinal cord tension.  This results in a drop in tension throughout the body, therefore relieving pain and muscle spasms as well as chronic tension patterns.  Once your body is able to release tension it begins improving circulation, immune function, sleep patterns and digestion.  This shift provides an overall sense of ease allowing your body to begin healing itself as nature intended.

This body work is a very gentle touch and appropriate for all ages and any state of health.

Animals and children experience stress and create tension just as we do as they have a nervous system too!

My Flowtrition teachers and mentors Dr. Lance Wright and Dr. Jonah Yakel.