Lisa Adams - Nurse / Health and Wellness Coach / Certified Flowtrition Practitioner

I have worked in the front lines of our healthcare system for over 24 years.

As a nurse, I have watched many bodies struggle through dis-ease, sickness and chronic pain as a result of repeated exposure to STRESS.

I have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t work to create a state of wellbeing. This chronic exposure to stress creates constant tension throughout the body and organ systems. This constant tension then creates INFLAMMATION in tissues, which then creates DISEASE.

Our bodies have become mal-adaptive to this chronic exposure to stress and we have seemingly lost trust in our body’s ability to heal itself. Instead of learning to listen to the messages our body gives in the form of symptoms, our current healthcare system has taught us to shut these symptoms off with medication and/or surgical intervention. This approach most often does not address the actual dysfunction, but turns off the warning signals our body gives us when it is struggling and needs support.

What I know for sure is that the human body is an AMAZING self-regulating system.

Our body is fully equipped and completely capable of healing and regenerating itself if we give it attention and time. I have combined my years of experience as a nurse with training in bodywork and the last 10 years promoting health and wellness education in my private practice. It is my passion to guide individuals to a state of awareness about the way their body functions and responds to stress with tools such as my Wellness Coaching Program combined with Flowtrition developed by Dr. Lance Wright of Addison, TX. This is a very gentle form of bodywork intended to guide our nervous system to drop tension patterns and therefore begin to change the way it responds to stressors. With this awareness we can begin to create change in these mal-adaptive patterns that manifest not just as physical tension, but also as mental, emotional and spiritual tension patterns. With this change we begin to experience growth and repair as we regain trust in our body’s ability to heal itself.

Your health IS your wealth... I am so grateful to be a facilitator in your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


Nurse Lisa