Workplace Wellness is about addressing the needs of the entire human, not just monitoring weight, blood pressure or cholesterol levels.


So many workplace wellness programs have failed over the last 30 years in the areas of long-term weight loss and reducing obesity because they are simply missing some huge components of being well.

These areas are the mental, emotional and spiritual part of each employee’s health. These aspects are just as crucial as physical health as they play key roles in how a person recognizes and manages stress.

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When organizations invest in the wellbeing of their employees, they’re rewarded with reduced employee turnover, increased loyalty, lower health insurance premiums and worker’s compensation, and greater customer satisfaction.

More than 55% of employees say that chronic stress affects their work performance.

According to the CDC, stress is the leading workplace health problem, followed by inactivity and obesity. Employees, who recognize and better manage chronic stress, not only feel and look healthier, they bring more energy, productivity and vitality into the workplace.

Successful individual transformation occurs when we understand how the body functions and responds to stressors. Through my corporate wellness program, Accessing the True Power of You, employees gain awareness and learn simple, practical techniques that will help them proactively respond to chronic, unmanaged stress in a healthier way.

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Addressing THE COST OF CHRONIC, UNMANAGED STRESS afflicting our hospitals, clinics, and first responders.

America’s Real Health Care Crisis is a must-read for health care leaders who want to help solve the problem of chronic, unmanaged stress among health care workers and first responders.

The human body needs 20 minutes to physically recover from the exposure to life-threatening emergencies and the suffering of others. Health care workers and first responders rarely get the luxury of that recovery time. Day after week after month after year, they repeatedly face such conditions and learn to adapt. But their natural “maladaptive” response has a proven, devastating effect on their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Exhausted, sick and burnt-out providers cannot effectively provide care to others.

Chronic, unmanaged stress has reached epidemic proportions, and it impacts care providers, their families, co-workers and patients. It also massively affects the financial and manpower systems within health care and emergency response organizations. Lisa Adams shares her 25-year journey working on the front lines of health care as a nurse and business owner. Now she dedicates her life to creating awareness, education, and solutions through a Whole Person Health approach.

Collectively, we can turn this epidemic around.