On average, we spend 1/3 of our lives working. Chronic, unmanaged stress doesn’t just harm individual health. It drains the financial wellbeing of business, literally leaking money, resulting in:

  • Lost productivity

  • Costly mistakes

  • High turnover

  • Soaring insurance premiums and worker’s compensation

  • Employee burn-out

In the health care industry alone—one of our country’s biggest employers - companies lose $1 million per year due to absenteeism.

According to a recent Career Builder survey, health care providers have higher stress levels and complaints than employees of any other industry, including the professional, business service and retail sectors.

As an experienced nurse and the author of America's REAL Health Care Crisis: The cost of chronic, unmanaged STRESS to physicians, nurses and first responders, I understand the emotional, physical and mental toll of unmanaged, chronic stress on health care providers. This debilitating stress is crippling the health care industry in terms of lost productivity, high turnover, caregiver burn-out and medical mistakes.


From health care providers and non-profit organizations to technology and finance companies, stress doesn’t discriminate. My wellness program is ideal for any organization invested in creating a healthy work environment where employees feel valued and supported.


Through an integrated Whole Person approach, I’ll help your organization recover its greatest asset — employees and care providers who feel valued, healthy and empowered.

Without awareness we cannot create transformative change, which is why I do more than monitor employees’ weight, blood pressure or cholesterol levels. A state of well-being is achieved through a multi-dimensional approach in which I look at the entire human, not just a symptom or a disorder. I teach participants:

How the body functions and responds mentally, physically and emotionally to chronic stress

The relationship between stress and common health problems, like sleep issues, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, mental illness and more.

Simple, practical tools to better manage chronic stress throughout life and achieve optimal wellbeing.


Participants learn to recognize what stress looks like for them, and how to transform learned responses and thought patterns that have been preventing them from achieving optimal wellbeing. Here are just a few components of my 8-week comprehensive wellness program:

  • Self Evaluation – What does wellness actually mean to YOU? What does happiness mean to you? What is your greatest desire?

  • Recognizing the role of STRESS in total body wellness - How does the stress response affect your digestion, sleep, critical thinking and weight?

  • Mental/Emotional Wellbeing - Are you ready/willing to create the change you desire for your health and life? Do you know what your needs are? Are your needs being met?

  • Spiritual - What gives you strength? Do you take time to connect to your higher power.

  • Diet & Exercise - Knowing your blood type is key in finding what foods and activities are best for you to improve digestion, reduce inflammation and experience long-term weight loss, improved energy and focus.

Of course, creating change is a not a one-size fits all approach. I can custom-design a program according to the needs of your organization.


“The instruction and encouragement Lisa gave during this experience was very helpful and introduced me to a new way to relax and reduce anxiety.”

~ Kay Lokey, Precinct Commander, Nashville Police Department

“Lisa did a masterful job of educating us and providing vehicles with which we could actually experience methods and tools to reduce stress and change our eating habits. She taught me how to recognize my stressors, the importance of saying no, and how to make better choices, which has allowed me to better enjoy my life and my health.”

~ Karen Bergin, Owner/Broker, Coldwell Banker, Good Life Real Estate Group

“What stood out most for me from this experience was learning about the mind-body connection, which showed me how healing can happen and how new avenues of moving forward can occur. I give this program a 10—well worth the money!”

~ Carolyn Dorsey, HR, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas City