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Health and Wellness for the Body, Mind, and Spirit


Are you overworked, in pain, distressed or depressed?

I help overwhelmed individuals, professionals and health care providers recognize and manage the effects of chronic, unmanaged stress—the leading cause of disease, poor work performance and life dissatisfaction.

We know that a true state of health and wellbeing is achieved by recognizing needs and integrating care of the ENTIRE HUMAN…. body, mind and spirit. We provide comprehensive care in the areas of Health and Wellness Coaching, and Flowtrition.


Health and Wellness for

your Work

Health and Wellness for

Your life

Nurse Lisa Adams, Owner of Spirit of Namaste

Nurse Lisa Adams, Owner of Spirit of Namaste

Got chronic, unmanaged stress?

Stress becomes a serious problem when your body doesn’t have a chance to recover from the barrage of daily stressors. Over time, your physical, mental and emotional health deteriorates affecting all aspects of your life.

I can help.

With over 24 years of experience in nursing and health & wellness coaching, I have watched many people struggle through disease, sickness and chronic pain as a result of repeated exposure to stress. I’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t work to create a state of well-being.

The good news is that with awareness, time and attention, our bodies are fully equipped and completely capable of healing and regeneration.

Through my health & wellness coaching, employee wellness programs and workshops, I help even the most stressed out individuals, from some of the most demanding industries, regain a sense of clarity and control over their health.

As an experienced nurse, health & wellness coach, and the author of America's REAL Health Care Crisis, I believe that when we understand how the body functions and heals itself, we can transform our lives.

When we feel good, we are more engaged in our relationships and in our careers, more focused and productive, and happier overall.

I provide compassionate, informative health coaching and stress management strategies. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to being part of your wellness journey!


Your health is your wealth!

I have been going to Spirit of Namaste Health and Wellness Center and seeing Lisa for massage and some Flowtrition for the last 3 years. I wanted to try Wellness Coaching because I was tired of the “status quo” and feeling the way I did. Since I started the coaching program I have changed the way I look at food and why I eat the way I do.

I have recommended Lisa and this program to my friends who have struggled to lose weight and make changes in their life.
— A.H.