Women's Weekend Wellness Retreat

Women's Weekend Wellness Retreat


3 days and 2 nights in a peaceful, wooded retreat. We will practice gentle yoga, meditation and enjoy fresh, organic food.

Do you feel like you could use MORE SLEEP, LESS STRESS and MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF?

Join me for a weekend of quiet, nurturing self-care at one of my upcoming Women’s Wellness Retreats!

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As caregivers, we tend to go in multiple directions. But if we don’t take time to reset and refresh, we get bogged down in the daily grind and end up drained, burned out, sick and exhausted. It’s impossible to care for anyone or manage your many responsibilities in a meaningful way when you haven’t been taking the time to address your own needs.

My Women’s Wellness Retreat provides a sacred space in a quiet, wooded area where you can unwind, power down and reconnect with your true self and purpose. During the retreat, we’ll practice nurturing our minds, bodies and spirits by:

  • Dining on fresh, organic meals prepared with love

  • Learning and practicing a variety of simple methods of meditation

  • Moving through a gentle introductory yoga practice (flexibility not required)

  • Enjoying ample free to time to walk in the woods, sit by the lake, read and sleep—whatever your body, mind & spirit desires

Retreatants will also have ample time to read, hike, sit by the lake, or sleep....whatever you body needs!

Sign up today! Space is limited to four women per retreat.

Cost is $400 (includes meals and lodging for three days and two nights)